Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My last marathon? Yup.

Just a few years ago (almost 30), this photo was taken at the finish of the Marine Corps Marathon.  I'm dressed in my 100% cotton high school cross country shirt and underneath is what I am sure, an original edition Jog Bra. I ran this race before Body Glide and GU which is quite obvious by the look on my face. This was my awful, terrible, wonderful, empowering, and poorly trained for first marathon and I remember it like it was yesterday.  What inspired me to run a marathon while I was a second year college student?  Why Marine Corps? Over the next 16 weeks the story will unfold in this blog and with it, a hopefully very happy ending.  On Oct 30th of this year, I will travel back to Washington DC to run this very same race, 30 years later almost to the day.   And for no other reason other than the math works out so nicely  I'm calling this my last 26.2 mile race.

This blog will be a 16 week journey to the starting line.  I've got a wonderful organization to raise money for along the way (Back on My Feet Boston) and two amazing women who will be training and running with me on October 30th.

We hope that you follow us--it's going to be much more than a story about marathon training. We'll write about what we're running towards, away from and through.  We will share with you how Back on My Feet has changed lives with the simple but powerful discipline of running. I may even share the names and phone numbers of the rock star physical therapists, massage therapists and yoga instructors who will get us to the starting line on Oct 30th.

Until the next post--- you keep reading and we'll keep running!