Sunday, April 29, 2012

Charles River Running Debuts at the James Joyce Ramble

I had a busy day at today's James Joyce Ramble at Dedham's Endicott Estate.  This 10K race is in its 28th year and is a quirky marriage of literature and running.  Over 2000 runners stayed to enjoy the post race music, food, free Harpoon beer.  I had many folks stop by the Charles River Running tent to sample Nuun hydration drink, enter to win a Mizuno backpack and chat about the soon to open running store.  My peeps from Great Norwood Running Club were on hand to spread the buzz and bring me beers :) 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Be Safe--Be Seen

I feel pretty passionate about after-dark visibility.  It's part of my safety campaign.  I'm amazed at how many runners, walkers, cyclists, communters, dog walkers are walking, running and riding on our community's streets in the dark and I WORRY about them.  How well can a driver see?  Is the driver distracted by a cell phone or fellow passenger?  Charles River Running will carry lots of products to make you visible to cars after dark.  To kick off this safety campaign, we now have these cool and reflective arm/leg bands.
Stop by the Charles River Running tent at this Sunday's James Joyce Ramble and enter to win one of these flashy numbers!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Why chickens will make Charles River Running a better place to shop

Stick with me on this one cause it's gonna take me a bit to get around to making this point.  First, meet half of the flock--Oprah, Daisy and Sunny.  One week old and fully engaged in newborn activities; eating, pooping, standing under a light bulb, and falling asleep while standing up.  We brought them home, along with their sisters, in a cardboard box from an excellent feed mill down in Taunton along with a 50 lb. bag of feed.  That's right--50 lbs of feed that will be consumed in their first 10 weeks of life.  Good thing I don't have to buy them shoes as well.  If all goes well, we will be enjoying fresh eggs in 6-7 months.

I'm sure you are asking why would I take on such a project with the opening of Charles River Running just 5 weeks away.  Well, I did think hard but not too long.  This is how I see it---running a business could consume me.  It could take over my life.  It could take me away from the the rituals and rhythms and beauty that ground me to my family and the earth.  We all want to follow our passions, provide a sustainable income for our families and achieve success but these desires should not be all consuming.  I am a big believer in balance and moderation and stopping to enjoy the moments of grace in each day.  Guess what--these chickens are going to help me with that.  Yup.  Who needs a gallon of fresh water each day?  Who needs food, ventilation, bugs and grass?  Who needs to be brought in to the coop each night for a safe roost?  That's right---my girls.  They will remind me that while the store is very important---they will need me too.  Spending time with them, watching my children laugh at their crazy pecking games, and holding them to our hands will make us better, more balanced individuals.  We will face each business day with a bit of grace and calm and peace.  "Welcome to our store, how can we help you?"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bringing Cotton Back (just like sexy)

I'm testing out a new and exciting "technical" cotton fabric this month from KinisiAthletik ---sounds Euro I know, but the garments are assembled right here in the great North America of all natural 100% cotton.  Runners discarded cotton years ago as heavy, sticky, and blister inducing as the cool and cutting edge technical fibers took over.  While tech is lighter and does wick, there remains a major down side for those athletes who care what they smell like (yes, we know the runners who don't care what they smell like...).  Body odor tends to linger on the technical fabrics.  Oh, they pass the sniff test as they come out of the washer or dryer, but as soon as we put the laundered clothes back on and begin to perspire.....the smell comes back but now mixed with aroma of Tide.  Yuck.  No matter how nice my $130.00 gorgeous zip hoodie running jacket from Brooks looks after I wash it time after time,  it just plain reeks after 15 minutes of exertion. 

Welcome back natural fibers!!  Merino wool and technical cotton are now being crafted in to running gear.  The cotton tops I tried (photos above) are from KinisiAthletik and are light, not sticky and my sweat wicks to the outside of the garment.  So far, so good!  Currently, you can get KinisiAthletik only in two retail locations (Paragon Sports in NYC and Running Free in Ontario).  I'm taking a close look at this product to see if it's something Charles River Running should carry!  So stay tuned and keep smelling like roses....