Thursday, March 29, 2012

magic socks

The quest for the perfect sock continues...Here is the new Balega Soft Tread in this year's color: PURPLE.  News flash----purple is the "it" color for the coming seasons (who decides this stuff anyways?).  My awesome Balega rep Jordan Kinley hooked me up with a pair of these yesterday during his visit to the new store.  The socks are minimal but with cushion in the important places--heel and forefoot.  They have some nice arch support and are left and right foot specific---notice the perfect fit around my toe box.  But that's not all---what sets this sock apart from the others is a special cotton that has more spring, more bounce, more rebound and thus gives the wearer a bit of something back after hitting the ground.  So multiply that by a thousand times for each foot strike and you have a sock with magic.

How magical were they this morning at 5:00 am during my hill repeats with the Greater Norwood Running Club crazies?   Well, these socks definitely made me lose count of my hills, they made me feel pretty (purple does that) and I really felt connected to my shoes (thin and breathable).  Bounce, rebound, spring---too soon to tell.  I will need to take them for a nice long run on a sunny day.

Look for Balega Soft Tread on the sock wall at Charles River Running this June!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Looking for cool product for fill the store...

I found this company (where else but Twitter) last week.  Oiselle is a women's running clothing vendor from Seattle and they have some really fresh, retro and different apparel.  I will be meeting with the sales rep this week to do some touching and feeling.  Who knows...perhaps you will see it in the window at Charles River Running come June!

What's your favorite brand of running clothes?  Are you loyal to one company or do you buy an assortment?  Post a comment and let me know!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Running in F. Gilbert Hill State Park

Nice trails, although many are more technical than this one.
Sunday was the perfect day for running in the woods.  Take a look at some of these photos from F. Gilbert Hills State Park which is only a 15 minute drive from Norwood.    Click here for a trail map and here for the park website.
Aptly named High Rock
map at the trail head

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where do you find your sparkle?

Yes, I am a sucker for a tag line.  The folks at Sparkly Soul ask me this question when I open up their web page.  Well, it makes me want to order a gross of these non slip, super fun sparkle unicorn cotton candy girl power headbands in every color and then wear them for every run that I go on from now on.  And THAT is the power of a great tag line... Also adding to the appeal is the fact that the company was founded by a marathoner and triathlete who wanted to keep her hair out of her eyes.  We gotta support that!

Btw, you can also buy one or two or fifteen at Charles River Running this June.  Sparkle-on!