Friday, August 1, 2014

The Noanet Woodland Trails and a Fantastic View!

I felt so energized in these trails!

       There is a ghost in the Noanet Woodland trail! 

       Just kidding, that is me.

       I am back again for another trail run blog post. It was a hot Wednesday evening when my mom, her friend, and I decided to run the Noanet Woodland trail in Dover, MA. This trail gave made a great impression on me because of how beautiful and organized the place was. Right when we pulled onto the nice gravel parking lot, we saw the beginning of the trail, which was marked by a giant easy-to-understand map and clearly marked trees. We picked our route and raced into the forest.

      Compared to all of the trails I have ran in my life, this trail was the most stunning. The road was wider, more clear of roots, rocks, and ditches, and not as many hills. The tall pine trees were just so amazing and the plants and wildlife looked so refreshed and healthy. If you choose to ever run this trail, make sure to look up a couple times to observe the nature around you. But don't trip!

Looking out from the view!
        About half way through the route, we made a quick stop at one of the maps they have along the trails. It was so helpful how they inserted these maps more frequently throughout the trails and not just at the beginning. We were switching from the Blue trail to the Orange trail, when we realized that there was an option to go look out upon a peak. We all agreed to follow the quick little detour off our trail. The path was pretty steep, however the view was worth it! We could even see Boston from up there! (The sight of the city is right above my head and a little bit to the left in the picture above). It was an awesome way to take a break in the middle of this run. Everyone should take this path when running on these trails.

       On this run, I chose to wear my bicband for my hair. I have those annoying fly away hairs that always stick to my face when I run, so I usually wear head bands. I love the different patterns and styles that bicbands offer and they don't fall off as easy as other brands do. 

       The trail grew more amazing as we were getting to the end. The smells were calming, the air had a warm and crisp feeling, and the ground was lightly padded with fallen bristles of the pine trees. It definitely made me feel closer to nature. 

We all enjoyed this beautiful run and I couldn't wait to tell everyone about it! 

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