Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Running and Fitness Event for Women: Fun Run in Chicago

     Hey there! My name is Ginny Walsh, the daughter of Charlotte Walsh, and the new blogger for Charles River Running here to bring fresh new posts about running, products, insights, and races etc.
I have been running for almost 2 years, so I am just getting into the swing of things.
     What is a better way to start off a new blog post, than to write about the Fun Run for the Running and Fitness Event for Women last week! A beautiful and amazing 4 mile run on the lake front of Chicago was such a great way to start the morning at 6:30 am. My mom and I got to connect with runners, vendors, and suppliers and were able to try out new products.
     One of the products I got to test out, was the Mino. This was a little flat tablet that is inserted under the insole in the heel that lets me know when my shoes are worn out. Someone may think they would be able to feel it in their heel, however, I wasn't able to at all.  After my run, I discovered that my shoes were almost finished! I highly recommend getting a few of these for yourself, in case you are thinking about how long you have had your running shoes.
      Along with the Mino, we visited with bicbands, and tested an endurance drink called Nuun.  The best part about the event however, was the run! After the first day in Chicago, I automatically said, "This is the most beautiful city I had ever been to!" I am not much of a city girl, however, the architecture was amazing, the food was outstanding, and the lake was an image just waiting to be painted. Getting to run along the lake front while examining the sunrise was absolutely stunning! Everyone there was very friendly and willing to chat with you about their experiences as retailers, vendors and runners. I got to meet many great runners and come back with helpful tips.
     To conclude, this fun run was the perfect blend of business and pleasure! You were able to run, network and try new products. The people were so nice and willing talk about their products but if you didn't want to, they were perfectly okay with it. I loved going to this event and I would love to do it again!

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