Sunday, January 31, 2016

Top Running Gear Picks from Charles River Running

There are two phrases we hear pretty much every day at Charles River Running.  The first one, if you can even believe it, is "I'm not really a runner".  Funny, we know.  The second is more of a question:  "So what _______ (fill in the blank: shoe, sock, tight, bra, water bottle) do you use?"  Which got us to thinking, why don't we just publish a list?  We've tested just about everything that comes our way in all kinds of conditions, over all kinds of distances, while healthy and injured.  We feel pretty confident that our curated selection here at Charles River Running is the best available in the very crowded running market.  We LOVE the products featured below and what better time to showcase them but on the eve of Valentine's Week?  Take a look at the products we HEART, can't live without, and want to share with all of you.  Enjoy!

FitKnix by KnixWear is hands down the very best athletic underwear currently on the market.  If you don skivvies before your tights, shorts or running skirt. you will want to check out this brand.  No lines, no riding up, you won't even notice that you're wearing them.  Both Cosmopolitan and Shape magazines have been singing this praises about this brand.  Available in three styles and lots of colors.  FitKnix will be in stock in February.

If you are female runner, there's only one piece of gear more important than your shoes.  A cup or DD, a great fitting running bra can be a game changer.  Having run for more than 35 years now (yikes) I feel pretty qualified to weigh in on this catagory of apparel.  Moving Comfort (now owned by Brooks Running) has been making running apparel for women since 1977. They have their bra business down to a science which is why it is the only brand of bra that we carry at Charles River Running,  The bra featured above, the Uprise Crossback took 18 months to perfect and is just that. This bra holds you firmly yet does not bind or compress.  The pads give you shape and at the same time are breathable and light.  Featuring cross back straps, this bra is a breeze to get on and off. $48.00  Now in stock.

The Balega Hidden Comfort sock as been around for a long time for a reason.  This sock has just the perfect amount of cushion, is super wicking, and wears like iron. It's been my personal choice for 4 years running.  You won't let anyone borrow these, you won't let one get lost in the dryer, you will have them on your gift list forever.  $12.00

Compression is a runner's friend.  Insulated compression tights are a Boston runner's best friend.  Fear not the cold on those long run days.  These best selling CW-X tights not only support your quads, hamstrings and IT band, but they have an extra layer of fleece material to keep your hard working legs warm.  $125.00

The FlipBelt has solved a whole boat load of problems for active people.  Simply put--you won't know what you did with your phone, keys, $20 bill, ATM card, and GU packet before this handy accessory came along. You can keep your phone in its protective case, you can easily access your phone while running, nothing BOUNCES around, and you can wash it :)  Yes, accessories can get stinky too. What I carry in my flipbelt---my iphone for instragrams of Olive and dog treats.  $28.99

Want your post-run vente to stay hot longer? How about that long ago melted ice water on your desk?  Your beverage of choice will stay the perfect temperature, even in hot yoga, your hot car or a cold commuting backpack.  Hydro Flask bottles are made from 18/8 stainless steel and are double wall vacuum insulated.  Best of all, they come with a lifetime warranty.  We have plenty of sizes and colors in stock.

There's no better way to show the world what you do and where you do it.  Pick up a one of a kind, limited edition Run Norwood pompom beanie for Boco Gear.  This hat keeps your noggin warm and cozy and serves as a nice variation from you Patriots hat.  Really, your fans will appreciate a break from the PatsNation routine.  Soft, warm and colorful $30.00.

Last but not least is a product that I wear litterally every day all year round.  These closed cell foam sandals from Oofos will not quit. I picked up my first pair at the 2012 Boston Marathon Expo and haven't looked back.  Even before Charles River Running had opened it's doors, I knew this product would have a place on the coveted shoe wall.  This shoe is light, supportive and feels great after a long run, first thing in the morning or after you get home from a long day at work.  The only down side to Oofos--my puppy loves to chew them.  Olive-- 4, Oofos--- 0.  Many colors and styles now in stock.

While not currently for sale, but certainly in-stock, our store dog Olive, has developed quite a fan club.  She greets customers, eats cardboard, barks at no one and has taken a particular liking to our treat-carrying UPS man.  She keeps me on a pretty strict running regiment and saves me from loneliness on the slowest of days.  We forgive her her canine flatulence, drooling condition and propensity for jumping up.  After making the drive up from Alabama with a bunch of other rescue dogs this past May, Olive has decided to stay here at Charles River Running and we are thrilled.  Stop in anytime and give her a pat on the head.  Those are free, btw.

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